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With memories of 9/11 in our newsfeed, and stories from the recent hurricane, I thought a reminder about PTSD would be timely. This blog comes from a friend who is also a Life Coach.

POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER For many people, when Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is mentioned, they think of soldiers, veterans, or physical or sexual abuse related trauma. However, PTSD symptoms can develop from a variety of circumstances. When hurricane Dorian headed up the east coast towards the Carolinas, those of us who remember the devastation from hurricane Hugo (that travelled inland all the way to York County) may have experienced some PTSD symptoms. Some PTSD symptoms are:

  • Flashbacks– Can happen at any time. Flashbacks are triggered by something that reminds you of past events. Flashbacks are triggered through your five senses.

  • Nightmares– Disturbing dreams that occur on a subconscious level while sleeping. Dreams may be related or unrelated to trauma.

  • Avoid reminders– Places or situations that remind you of the event. For example, you don’t want to prepare for a possible hurricane by going to the store to get food or do the necessary steps to protect your home.

  • Insomnia– Difficult to sleep because of constant worrying about the event.

  • Feeling Jumpy– This often occurs when a traumatic event that caused the condition is scary and/or life-endangering.

  • Anger- Irritability and anger episodes that occur in greater intensity than before when reminded of the event. This can impact relationships, personal and work.

  • You may also have symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and the fear of the unknown.

Living through a hurricane is only one example of how a traumatic event can create PTSD symptoms. Other PTSD examples are, but not limited to: separation/divorce, car wreck, unexpected job loss, sudden loss of a loved one, or when a child leaves home.

There is hope for a brighter future. If you have experienced any of these symptoms, have you thought of seeking a professional Life Coach? A professional Life Coach can evaluate your symptoms and work with you to develop healthy techniques to decrease these symptoms. If you want to know more about professional Life Coaching and its benefits, then follow the link provided.


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