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The Practice

Pennington Primary Care, founded by Dr. Amanda Pennington, stands out in the field of family medicine.  Here you'll find a new and more personalized concept of family care and personal primary care. It's one that serves our community well ..... especially those who are new to the area and can't find a primary physician, those who have no or minimal insurance coverage, or those with high insurance deductibles that are never met.  It's an old-fashioned practice in some ways, that allows us to know our patients well and see them whenever they need us.  

Traditional family medicine practices see 2000-4000 patients per provider under a fee for service model that bills insurance. Under this model, healthcare costs have risen, patients have become dissatisfied and physicians have experienced "burn out".

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model in primary care whose defining element is an enduring and trusting relationship between patient and physician.  The patients pay the doctors directly for their services with a simple flat monthly fee.  DPC is not health insurance and patients are encouraged to maintain health insurance to cover more expensive medical care such as hospitalization, procedures and specialty care.

Concierge medicine is a model where patients pay a membership fee in exchange for specific benefits from our general practitioners.  The most common benefit is increased access to the physician by limiting the number of patients per physician, allowing for shorter wait times and longer appointments. Pennington Primary Care is a both a direct primary care practice and a concierge medicine practice.  We prefer to keep our patient roster small in order to give the best possible attention and care.


At Pennington Primary Care, our payment model is unlike any you have probably seen in the past.  We don't accept insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.  By eliminating the "middle man" we reduce the hassle and cost of providing primary care.  Our membership fee covers visits for wellness and prevention, acute care and management of chronic medical problems, as well as coordinating referrals to specialists when needed. This model allows for access, value and quality care.

See our policies and procedures here.

Listen to me speak on WRHI Radio as I explain Direct Primary Care. What it is and what it covers.

Pennington Primary Care

A Family care practice that allows a closer relationship with doctor and paitent

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